The Rise of Quality Rice Production in Ghana

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Honouring Mabel-Ann Akoto-Kwudzo’s Achievement at the GIZ Women in Agribusiness Awards 2023

 In Ghana, a country where rice is a staple, strengthening local production is vital, especially against the backdrop of shifting international rice markets. At Cropslist, our mission is clear: to discover and promote Ghana’s hidden agricultural talents, particularly in rice cultivation.

Celebrating Local Farming Progress: The Story of Mabel-Ann Akoto-Kwudzo

In the heart of Ghana’s flourishing rice industry, Mabel-Ann Akoto-Kwudzo stands out. Her recent honour at the GIZ Women in Agribusiness Awards 2023 is not just a personal triumph but a beacon of Ghana’s potential in rice farming.

Cropslist’s Mission: Unveiling Ghana’s Agricultural Potential

Our goal at Cropslist is to reveal the less-known yet incredibly talented agricultural producers of Ghana. We’re currently focused on rice, striving to introduce the unique varieties cultivated by thousands of smallholder farmers to a wider audience. Our platform is about giving consumers a meaningful choice — opting for locally-produced, superior-quality Ghanaian rice over familiar foreign brands.

Okata Farm's Oka Foods Organic Brown wholegrain riceOkata Farms: Emblem of Modern, Sustainable Farming

Okata Farms, offering their rice produce under the Oka Foods brand, exemplifies the transition from traditional to modern farming. Since the 1980s, they’ve adopted practices that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. Soon, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase Oka Foods rice directly through, experiencing the quality first-hand.

Mabel-Ann Akoto-Kwudzo: A Force for Community and Environmental Well-being

Mabel-Ann Akoto-Kwudzo’s role at Okata Farms goes beyond typical farming operations. She has empowered approximately 3,000 smallholder farmers, mainly women, bringing about significant community and environmental benefits. Her Best Farmer award at the GIZ Women in Agribusiness Awards 2023 underscores her dedication to innovation, impactful community work, and sustainable practices.


Mabel-Ann Akoto-Kwudzo of Okata Farms, Best Farmer Award

Empowering Ghana’s Agriculture with Cropslist

At Cropslist, we’re committed to more than just selling products. We offer comprehensive support to Ghana’s agricultural sector — from soil testing and crop planning to harvesting methodologies and value chain digitization. Our services are designed to boost both the rice sector and other crops, aiming to enable farmers to earn sustainable incomes and contribute to national initiatives.

Join Us in This Agricultural Transformation

We invite you to be part of this journey with Cropslist, whether you’re a farmer seeking support, a wholesaler in search of quality produce, or a consumer looking for sustainable, traceable products.

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